Colorectal Cancer


For every 17 people who read this sentence 1 will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime

  • 9% global incidence rate (and growing)
  • 4th most common cancer (worldwide)
  • 1.8M new cases in 2018 (worldwide)
  • 800K deaths in 2018 (worldwide)

Europe and the US

Colorectal cancer deaths are second only to lung cancer in Europe and the US.

Known as the ‘Silent Killer’, colorectal cancer is likely to overtake lung cancer as smoking rates decline.

  • 16K deaths in the UK (every year, and growing)
  • 42K diagnoses in the UK (and growing)
  • 51K deaths in the US (every year, and growing)
  • 147K diagnoses in the US (every year)

Survival Rates

Among cancers, colorectal cancer deaths are the most preventable – if detected early

Diagnosis at% diagnoses
at this stage
5-Year Survival Rate
Stage I15.7%91.7%90.7%93.1%
Stage II23.2%84.1%83.5%84.9%
Stage III26.6%64.9%64.2%65.9%
Stage IV23.3%10.3%10.3%10.3%

Net Survival % for adults aged 15–99 diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 2013–2017 in England, Office for National Statistics and Public Health England (11.3% of cases are unstageable or of unknown stage)

But too often, it’s detected too late

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