Colorectal Cancer


For every 17 people who read this sentence, 1 will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime

  • 2.2M expected new cases (globally by 2030)
  • 1.1M expected deaths (globally by 2030)
  • 3rd most common cancer (malignancy diagnosed globally)
  • 4th most common cause of death (among cancer-related deaths globally)

The UK

Every day in the UK 45 people lose their lives to colorectal cancer.

  • 16K deaths in the UK (every year, 2016-18)
  • 2nd most common cause of death (among cancer-related deaths in the UK, 2018)
  • 10% of all cancer deaths (in the UK, 2018)

Survival Rates

Among cancers, colorectal cancer deaths are the most preventable – if detected early

Diagnosis at% diagnoses
at this stage
5-Year Survival Rate
Stage I15.7%91.7%90.7%93.1%
Stage II23.2%84.1%83.5%84.9%
Stage III26.6%64.9%64.2%65.9%
Stage IV23.3%10.3%10.3%10.3%

Net Survival % for adults aged 15–99 diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 2013–2017 in England, Office for National Statistics and Public Health England (11.3% of cases are unstageable or of unknown stage)

But too often, it’s detected too late

Our Mission

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