Origin Sciences Secures Distributor for South East Asia

Press Release: Origin Sciences Secures Distributor for South East Asia

06 May 2015 — London and Cambridge, UK —

Origin Sciences Ltd, a medical technology company developing innovative diagnostics and devices for investigating GI diseases, has expanded its global network with the appointment of AI Biomedical Pte Ltd as a distributor covering South East Asia.

The appointment, which begins on 1st

May, will see AI-Biomedical Pte provided with the distribution rights for Oricol and other Origin products across South East Asia for three years. The countries in the agreement include Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia and East Timor. Origin is in further discussions with additional distributors in the Far East, and expects to announce these soon.

AI-Biomedical PTE Ltd. has a strong presence and network across South East Asia through the creation of a market for their own laboratory and diagnostic products.

Graham Griffiths, Commercial Director of Origin Sciences, said:

“We are delighted to have secured AI Biomedical as our partner in South East Asia. The Asian market is a highly significant market which is developing rapidly. With recent data showing the effectiveness of Oricol as both a diagnostic and research tool for GI diseases, and particularly so in the rapidly growing area of microbiome, we expect to gain significant commercial traction through this distribution agreement.”

Mr Chung-Pei, Chief Scientific Officer at AI-Biomedical, added:

“Origin Sciences has developed an excellent device which we expect will receive significant interest from both the diagnostic and research markets. Having developed a strong network across South East Asia, we are very confident we can sell Oricol widely.”

Oricol was launched in July 2014, and since then has seen increased uptake both as a diagnostic and a research tool, globally. In addition, data published in 2015 showed the effectiveness of Oricol as a diagnostic and research tool in the rapidly expanding area of gut microbiome research.

Marketed as “the professional alternative to stool sampling”, Oricol is a CE-marked device that offers a simple, convenient and effective tool for sampling the rectal mucosa without the need for prior fasting or bowel preparation. Sampling can be performed by a trained healthcare professional in less than 5 minutes. The device incorporates a nitrile membrane, which after insertion into the rectum via a standard proctoscope, is inflated to make contact with the rectal mucosa. The membrane is then deflated and retracted into the device prior to removal from the patient. Upon retraction the material sampled from the rectal mucosa is retained on the inverted membrane. The device can either be stored frozen or a suitable buffer added to preserve the material for subsequent analysis.