Origin Sciences launches OriColâ„¢, an innovative sampling device to enable investigations in Gastrointestinal (GI) disease

Press Release: Origin Sciences launches Oricol, an innovative sampling device to enable investigations in Gastrointestinal (GI) disease

17 June 2014 — London and Cambridge, UK —

Origin Sciences Ltd, a medical technology company developing innovative devices for investigating GI diseases, has today announced the launch of their new Oricol sample collection device. Oricol enables the convenient and effective sampling of mucocellular material that has migrated along the entire colon to the rectum. The Oricol device is CE marked and collects biologically informative samples containing a range of biomarkers to enable clinical analysis and research into GI conditions.

Analysis of stool-based biomarkers is widely used in clinical practice to provide information about a range of GI conditions and diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Colorectal Cancer (CRC) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). However, stool collection is inconvenient for both doctors and patients and presents various handling and processing challenges. The Oricol device offers a convenient, minimally invasive alternative to stool collection and provides a sample rich in cells, nucleic acids, proteins, mucus, microorganisms (gut microbiome) and some faecal matter.

The Oricol device is inserted into the rectum using a proctoscope and then the Oricol membrane is inflated with air using a syringe. The membrane collects an imprint of valuable material from the mucocellular layer, after which the membrane is deflated and the device removed. A short animation shows how the device works, http://youtu.be/R-Ug_sJU9fE. Oricol has been tested in several patient cohorts comprising more than 2,500 subjects. The procedure is well tolerated by patients with >86% reporting no discomfort. The test can be performed very simply and quickly by a trained healthcare professional without any prior bowel preparation.

Mr Jon Lacy-Colson, Colorectal Surgeon comments on the Oricol device "Our network has been conducting research with this device to analyse protein and DNA biomarkers. The Oricol device is tolerated well by patients and is very simple and convenient to use and we recognise its broad potential as a tool for both gastrointestinal research and clinical use."

“We successfully used the Oricol device in a clinical trial assessing shed cells from the gut. The device was easy to use, caused no patient discomfort above a standard rectal examination and we had no untoward events. As a method to collect cellular material and expressed proteins, we recommend the Oricol device from Origin Sciences” added Ian Daniels FRCS, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Exeter.

Scientific Director at Origin Sciences, Dr Jodie Booth adds “The device has all the benefits of ease of use, compliance, patient acceptability, and the collection of a wide range biomarkers which can be readily analysed. The Oricol device has the potential to change the way clinical samples are taken for the diagnosis and monitoring of GI diseases and companion diagnostics”.

Origin Sciences will be launching the Oricol device during the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Annual Meeting on 17-19 June 2014, Manchester. On 18 June 12.30-14.00, Dr Booth will be presenting at the BSG Poster Session, No. PWE-008: “A novel sampling device for collecting mucocellular material from the rectum”. Please visit us at booth number A13E to learn more about Oricol and Origin Sciences.