Origin Sciences Launches Microbiome Sampling Kit

Press Release: Origin Sciences Launches Microbiome Sampling Kit

26 October 2015 — London and Cambridge, UK —

Origin Sciences Ltd, a medical technology company developing unique sampling devices and diagnostics for the stratification of patients with gastrointestinal diseases, today announced the launch of the Oricol Microbiome Research Kit.

The Oricol Microbiome Research Kit has been specifically designed for use in gut microbiome research, a fast-growing area within the life sciences industry. Understanding the gut microbiome has the potential to change how a range of diseases and illnesses are treated, and in particular gastrointestinal diseases and related cancers.

The Microbiome Research Kit is an easy-to-use and effective tool for sampling rectal mucosa, which can be used to study the gut microbiome and how it correlates with factors including treatments, diet and disease. The mucosal samples obtained using the kit contain the established community of bacteria inhabiting the gut – including the same spectrum of bacteria as stool samples, which have been the traditional medium for study of the gut microbiome. However, the mucosal samples collected using Origin’s research kit, show an increased bacterial diversity and an enrichment of mucosal associated phyla. In addition, the reproducibility of sample collection and reduction in laboratory processing improves the quality of experimental data.

The Oricol Microbiome Research Kit has a number of advantages for both users and patients. The kit is simple to use, requires minimal training, and provides a method for rapid, on the spot sample collection. For patients, studies have found a high level of acceptability and compliance, as it is less invasive than traditional mucosal sampling techniques used and requires no bowel preparation.

Paul Weinberger, recently appointed CEO of Origin, said: “The microbiome is a growing area of research interest for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries and has seen significant investment. However, it is a particularly challenging area to work in, and new tools and techniques are required. By using the Oricol Microbiome Research Kit, researchers can get better data, and improve their research, while also making sample collection less of a challenge for patients and researchers.”

Since 2014 Origin has made significant progress in developing and commercialising its diagnostic technology. Last year saw the launch of Oricol, a sampling device for investigating gastrointestinal disease, while 2015 has seen the company expand its commercial presence to South East Asia. In addition, the company has been active in expanding its scientific research and has published data showing the benefits of using Oricol compared to traditional methods for research into the gut microbiome.