How Does OriCol™ Work?

The OriCol™ device is inserted into the rectum through a proctoscope and the membrane is inflated with air using a syringe. The membrane collects valuable material from the mucocellular layer of the rectum, the membrane is deflated and the device is removed.

OriCol inserted using a proctoscope.  OriCol membrane begins to inflate with air  OriCol membrane is fully inflated.  OriCol membrane collects material from mucocellular wall.

OriCol™ has been tested in several cohorts comprising more than 2,500 patients and is well accepted by patients (>86% reported no discomfort upon insertion of the proctoscope or inflation of the membrane).

The test can be performed very simply and quickly by a trained healthcare professional without any prior bowel preparation. The test is minimally invasive and the sample can be immediately recovered from the membrane, or stored and transported within the device using a range of compatible buffers.

See how OriCol™ works?